Influencer Agreement form

Hey Hun


Welcome to the Pink Prints fam!

Thanks for taking part in representing the PP brand! We want all influencers to have a positive experience with us and so to ensure this, we set out a few guidelines to make the process as sweet and simple as possible.

For our protection and yours, please carefully read through our pinkfluencer terms and conditions before submitting this contractual agreement.


Collaboration agreements


- I agree to post at least FEED image with the product in clear view, with @pinkprintsuk tagged.


- I agree to include "Phone case from @pinkprintsuk" or any similar variation of this statement within the post description.


- I agree to make posts within 14 days of receiving the product(s).


- I agree to keep post on feed for at least 14 days.


- I understand that if these are not met, product(s) must be paid for in full to compensate for lost stock and any payments made to influencer by Pink Prints will be re-imbursed.  


If for any reason, one or more of these guidelines cannot be met or you need help with anything,  don't hesitate contact our friendly team at and we'll work together to come to a reasonable solution. Please DO NOT submit this form if you believe you may not be abele to meet requirements.




*Any products sent to you outside of this agreement are gifts and you are not obligated to post, shout-out or pay Pink Prints Limited.


Please fill form below so that we can get products mailed out as soon as poss!